“As a long time remote worker and home schooler, I have first-hand experience navigating the uncharted waters we see today. As an MIT Economist, trading floor market maker, and Wall Street financial analyst I can see trends and predict outcomes based on limited real world data. I will bring this expertise to Concord to weigh the risks and benefits of legislation to protect families, taxpayers and small business owners from both intended and unintended consequences of new laws.”

Mrs. Layon is a co-founder and board member of Granite State Home Educators, a group which has helped lead the charge to support families finding their footing in our new era of crisis schooling. “Parents work hard to get the best education for their children, with many families moving to Derry for our highly rated schools and many choosing private, charter, or home schools to best suit their unique learners. The explosion of new schooling options for this fall is an exciting time, and I hope that it will bring a greater love of learning and better results without higher taxes.”

“I have spoken up for families and taxpayers in Concord for nearly a decade. I ask for your vote in the Republican Primary so that I can fight for the people of Derry to get back to work, trim taxes, and elevate education options and outcomes. I am Erica, and I am For Derry.”

Mrs. Layon moved to Derry fourteen years ago with her husband Michael. They have put down roots, both in the garden and in their efforts to conserve open space in the heart of Derry. They have three children.

Voters can learn more about Mrs. Layon on Facebook or at her web site EricaForDerry.com.

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