As a longtime remote worker, I commend Governor Chris Sununu’s call for the Attorney General to review Massachusetts’ unfair taxation of New Hampshire citizens forced to work at home during the Covid-19 pandemic. With a quarter of Derry residents commuting out of town, this issue is important for our town.

Every day that I walked past the site of the Boston Tea Party to my job downtown, I lamented the Taxation without Representation for Granite Staters working in Massachusetts. This imposition was offset by the fact that Granite Staters who work partly in Massachusetts and partially in New Hampshire or other states were only taxed for the money earned for those days they physically worked in the Bay State. 

On April 21st, Massachusetts reached back to income beginning on March 10th and running until the end of Massachusetts Emergency Order 591 to deny this longstanding tax treatment. Not only is Massachusetts preventing Granite Staters’ in getting Back to Work, they are also imposing unjust taxes. When politicians from across the aisle come together to oppose taxes, we know that taxes are out of line! 

As a candidate for State Representative for Derry, I will work to get people Back to Work by embracing both remote working and a return to the workplace and I will work to Trim Taxes. Please visit to learn more about how we can work to preserve the New Hampshire Advantage! 

Erica Layon is an MIT Economist and homeschooling mom of three boys. She commuted into Boston for over a decade to help bring new medical devices to doctors by helping investors understand the technology and opportunity. She helped investors understand the opportunity for the medical devices on display at CMC in Manchester, where the New England Heart & Vascular Institute is on the cutting edge in using these novel devices.

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