Back to Work

A healthy economy increases individual health.
We must not sacrifice economic health to fear.
Respect the desire of individuals and families to keep small social circles.

Excellence in Education

Encourage school choice, including local public schools.
Inspire a lifelong love of learning.
Address wasteful spending that detracts from student performance.

Trim Taxes

No Income Tax. Not now. Not ever.
Keep local spending local.
Almost 60% of Derry taxes are for local schools.

Massachusetts is Wrong on Taxing Granite Staters Working at Home

August 6, 2020 |

As a longtime remote worker, I commend Governor Chris Sununu’s call for the Attorney General to review Massachusetts’ unfair taxation of New Hampshire citizens forced to work at home during the Covid-19 pandemic. With a quarter of Derry residents commuting out of town, this issue is important for our town. Every day that I walked…

State Rep Candidate Erica Layon Advocates for Home Schoolers at Derry School Board Meeting

July 29, 2020 |

Derry, NH – At last night’s “Roadmap to Reopening Schools” meeting, candidate for State Representative Erica Layon, with baby in hand, waited for 3 hours during technical difficulties with livestreaming to speak in favor of cooperation and community between home schooling families and the public schools. “I was pleased with the response I received,” stated…

Derry resident Erica Layon Announces Candidacy for State Representative

July 21, 2020 |

“As a long time remote worker and home schooler, I have first-hand experience navigating the uncharted waters we see today. As an MIT Economist, trading floor market maker, and Wall Street financial analyst I can see trends and predict outcomes based on limited real world data. I will bring this expertise to Concord to weigh…

Erica Layon has spent decades focused on studying risk both in school and in the real world. As a MIT Economist, she worked on Wall Street first as an options market maker who underwent 100 hours of intensive poker instruction to thrive in the trading floor pits, culminating her career as a Medical Device Analyst who worked with company executives and top doctors to bring new ideas to actual patient care.

She refocused these skills to homeschooling her boys – now 6 and 8 with a baby brother – and becoming active in promoting school choice. As a founding Board Member of Granite State Home Educators, she has helped with outreach during our current crisis-schooling and hopes to help families find the right educational solutions for their families including as always local public schools as an important option.

During her time at home, she effectively testified on bills to legislative committees to both pass and kill legislation. Thanks in part to Erica, a broadly written Emergency Powers bill that could have taken tomorrow’s dinner from your fridge was stopped.

Erica Layon is asking for your vote November 3rd at Pinkerton Academy (or sooner by absentee ballot). A bet on Erica is the odds-on favorite to get New Hampshire Back to Work, for Excellence in Education, and to Trim Taxes.