License Suspension Modernization

LSR 24-2615 relative to the revocation and suspension of drivers' licenses.


  • In June 2022 the NH DMV has entered into the State-to-State electronic system to ensure that people don’t hold a driver’s license or non-driver ID in multiple states.
  • The existing system of surrendering a license and obtaining a non-drivers ID during a license suspension creates significant problems in State-to-State, creates a hardship for identification purposes, and imposes unnecessary costs on the department.
  • The DMV currently returns surrendered licenses, however this bill is needed to update the statutes to reflect this change. While I am strongly opposed to departments acting outside the law, when they seek to reduce costs to the state and the burden on individuals it is important to look to best policy and reflect that best policy in the statutes.
  • This bill also fixes an oversight that costs farmers and landscapers their livelihood if their license is suspended, or makes them take the risk of being the first prosecuted under existing statutes and spending 7 nights in jail.

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