Voter Checklist Integrity

LSR 24-2280 relative to the meetings of supervisors of the checklist.


  • This is a refile of a bill killed in the day many bills were tabled.
  • In 2021, we passed HB 285 which provided a number of ongoing checklist maintenance efforts. Most notable was having the SoS run the checklist through the National Change of Address system.
  • 1,547 voters in Derry out of 19,737 were identified between July 1, 2022 and June 28, 2023. At the August supervisors of the checklist meeting, 1,220 of these were removed from the checklist and 235 had addresses updated within Derry.
  • Similar removals are happening in many, but not all, municipalities in the state.
  • This bill would require those municipalities which are not meeting to comply with 2021’s HB 285 to meet to process these change of address and other potentially invalid voters.

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